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Turais - A Medieval-Fantasy RPG
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Turais is a strict medieval-fantasy roleplaying game (RPG). The game follows a story format in which there are no levels and no dice. The outcome of each action is completely dependent on you and the other characters in the game. (There are no real DMs).

If you wish to join, please read the following. If you have any questions, you may contact one of the moderators.

Moderators: crowofpain and darkpossession.

[ Rules ]:
1. The characters that you play in this game must be of your own creation. You may not use characters from TV shows, movies, books, comics, etc.
2. Vampires are embraced. They are not born. There is no such thing as a "half-vampire." Vampire is not a race. In this game, they are unable to use magic because they are undead. Vampires cannot become pregnant. (Restricted. Check point system.)
3. Lycanthropy (werebeasts, in otherwords) also has limitations: Full moon transformations only, unless they have the ability to cast certian forms of magic, such as mutation, that forces a premature changing. Mundane items (swords, shields, clubs) cannot be used while a were-beast as most don't have the required grasps to effectively hold something, but their natural weapons (Teeth, claws, talons, etc.) are still effective. Characters affected with lycanthropy may become pregnant, but the disease does not carry over to the child. (Restricted. Check point system.)
4. You cannot mix vampirism with lycantrophy.
5. This game is in a medieval setting. This means no guns, or anything that is modern or futuristic.
6. if u talk lik dis, you are not welcome here. Go away.
7. Only moderators (as of right now, this means Ian and I) are allowed to roleplay gods or half-gods. There is a reason for this. (Abuse.)
8. If you post a profile or something that is out of character (OoC), you must put it behind an LJ cut. If you do not know how to do this, go here.
9. All main characters must be 13 years old or above. Subcharacters may be any age. Main characters must be one of the races listed below. Animals (dogs, horses, etc.) and familiars (or mechanical beasts for those using technology) are automatically deemed subcharacters. Check the character section for limits on the number of characters you are allowed to have.
10. Fights between characters are based of the players respect for eachother since there are no levels or dice in the game. You should know your character's strengths and weaknesses and act off of them in battle. If you make a move that is unreasonable, we will call you on it.
11. We don't expect you to have perfect spelling and grammar. (Hell, we don't have perfect spelling and grammar.) We do ask that you at least make an effort to use correct grammar and spelling in your actions.
12. You may not deem your character as another character's long lost sister/brother/cousin/step-sibling/half-sibling/lover/etc. without permission from that character's player.
13. If you wish for your character to become pregnant, the character must ask the God of Life since only the God of Life can create a new one. The character must remain pregnant for two months. (No, I do not mean game months.) Furthermore, another player must be willing to take up the new character once it's born. (If this player later decides later that he or she does not want the character and another player is not found for it, then it's stillborn.)
14. Your character may not start out with the following powers : Transmutation, kinetics, teleportation, or limitless telepathy. (These are restricted. Check the point system.)

[ Character Creation ] :
Please note that, while we don't mind a few Eastern characters coming in, the game is still predominantly European. We have a limit of three main characters per person (as long as we know in each post who it is that you are controlling), and ten subcharacters (animals, familiars, and mechanical beasts count as subcharacters). If you reach the maximum number of characters and you wish to have another, you will have to kill one of the characters off (sell if it's an animal, dismiss if it's a familiar, etc.).

Each character starts out with 300gp. In order to earn more, your character must work (in a tavern, at a guild, any other place that might offer work). The moderators keep track of how much you have. You may also start out with one, simple weapon. This weapon may not be magical or have any special attributes. You must state what this weapon is in your first action, or we will assume that you have none at all. (Yes, this is to force you to earn money. We are not going to turn into another RhyDin where everyone has a neverending supply of gold.)

Since we currently have no other players to adopt stores and taverns, you must ask one of the mods for price lists. No weapons or armor will be for sale until there are other players at the head of these stores and until jobs become availible. The initial amount of gp will also decrease once this happens.

Races : Demon, angel, elf, drow, human, dwarf, dragon, orc, halfling, gnome, kender, half-elf, half-demon, half-drow, half-orc, dracon, sidhe

Demons : There are different sorts of demons. Some demons appear human with only a few strange attributes, some do not appear human at all, some are little, some are big. Some can even mask their demonic appearance so that they may seem human to others. It's up to you to decide what you wish your character to look like. However, all demons have red eyes and even if a demon can mask its appearance, it cannot mask its presence (meaning a character adept in magic will be able to see through the mask). Demons are servants of the darker gods. (Restricted. Check point system.)

Angels : Angels appear human save for the two feathery wings on their backs. The color of the wings vary from one angel to the next. All angels have ice-blue eyes. Some angels are able to mask their wings, but cannot mask their presence. Angels can serve light, dark, or neutral gods. (Restricted. Check point system.)

Elf : Physically, an elf slightly resembles a human, but they tend to taller, more frail, their ears are pointed, and they live longer. Elves are usually arrogant and believe themselves to be above all other races. They have a general dislike of humans because of the changing times (humans are moving towards technology), they despise orcs and ogres, but they do not mind gnomes and halflings.

Drow : A drow's physical attributes are similar to that of an elf. Drow' skin ranges from coal black to a very dark blue, and their eyes can be red or violet. Their hair is usually white or silver. Drow tend to dwell underground and despise those who dwell above the surface. (Restricted. Check point system.)

Human : You should know this race well.

Dwarf : Dwarves are short and stubby. They tend to be bold, noble, and are tightly woven into their own societies. They live in caves or dwell underground.

Dragon : The structure of a dragon can vary. Some have wings, some are strictly ground dragons, and some are more snake-like. All full-grown dragons are pretty massive. Dragons are elemental beasts. You may choose one element for your character. The elements you can choose from are fire, water, ice, lightning, air (poison gas), earth (acid), purity, and chaos. Dragons are weak to their opposing magic (i.e., a water dragon would be weak to lightening attacks and vice versa). (Restricted. Check point system.)

Orc : An orc's skin is of a sickly green hue. They are massive and strong, but they are also rather stupid.

Halfling : Halflings (also known as hobbits) are slightly smaller than a dwarf. Halflings are lazy and are timid. They can be fast when they need to be. They're very social and are often friendly to all races and are equally liked.. Their intelligence rivals humans, but they're not as rash. They also live about twice as long.

Gnomes : Gnomes are like dwarves, but thinner and unbearded. They can have beards, but their customs normally just have them shave it off. They're intelligent, more so than humans, but frail. nomes are normaly not trusted by any race, including their own. They're seen as greedy, though not a single one would admit it. They're rarely thieves, though. They're better busniess men than thieves, anyway.

Kender : Kenders are often annoying and almost always theives, though they'd like to think of it as borrowing. They act like children and their fear is replaced by an unnatural curiosity. Kender are quick, frail, and about as tall as dwarves.

Half-Elf : A half-elf, of course, is the product of an elf and a human.

Half-demon : A half-demon is the product of a demon and a human. Half-demons usually appear more human and do not always have red eyes. (Restricted. Check point system.)

Half-drow : A half-drow is the product of a drow and a human. Half-drows are very rare. (Restricted. Check point system.)

Half-orc : A half-orc is the product of an orc and a human. They come about because of forced breeding between the two races.

Dracon : A dracon is the product of a human and a dragon. Dracons are much smaller than dragons (7 to 8 feet) and walk upright as a human would. A dracon's magic is weaker than that of a dragon. Again, you may choose an element, but only one. (Restricted. Check point system.)

Sidhe : The Sidhe (that's pronounced 'shee', by the way) are faeries from the ethereal plane; thin, up to six feet in height, handsome and young-looking despite their great age. Their forms are shadowy, and they can only fully materialize in the presence of another humanoid. Even their beauty is that of another world. Their skin is soft, their hair long and flowing, their clothes blindingly white. Their voices are sweet and seductive, and they have shimmering translucent wings, like those of a butterfly. The Sidhe have the ability to cast a glamour over weaker beings, which lets them influence the behavior of others, slip by dangerous places virtually undetected, or assume the form of another creature. Because they are inherently good beings, Sidhe are difficult to control with magic, and can sense the presence of evil creatures. Although their powers are greatest on the ethereal plane, they are yet powerful in the mortal realms, impervious to the effects of poison and resistant to disease. However, they are still vulnerable to the cold touch of iron. (Restricted. Check point system.)

All races are able to develope lycantrophy (save for dragons and dracons, of course). Only drow, elves, orcs, dwarves, and humans are able to be embraced by a vampire.

The only limitation we have on classes is the knight. Only nobility can knight a person.

Once you have created your character, you may post a profile in the community. If you need the format for a profile, check the memories. All profiles will be placed in memories. You must wait for our (crowofpain or darkpossession) consent before you may join the game.

[ The Point System ] :
Since some attributes or races are rare and in order to prevent abuse, we have created a point system. You recieve points based off of your actions. Your actions must be meaningful, interesting, well-written, and they must have a purpose. You will be notified whenever you recieve a point.

Races :
One of the things you may use your points for is to create a new character of a restricted race.
75 points - Drow.
85 points - Half-drow.
95 points - Half-demons or sidhe.
100 points - Demon, angel, dracon, or dragon.

Diseases/Mutations :
You can use your points to affect one of your current characters (if it is able to be affected) with one of the following, or you may create a new character that is affected.
30 points - Lycanthropy
40 points - Vampirism

Nobility :
You may use your points to create a new character that is the ruler of a new land or a current land that has no ruler once you have 60 points.

Magic :
You may also use your points to give one of your current characters certain types of magic.
75 points - Transmutation or a single type of kinetics.
100 - Limitless telepathy.
150 - Teleportation.

[ Gods ] :
To mortals, the gods have no names. They are too holy to be known by the mortals or uttered outloud by the lesser immortals. Your character does not need to follow a god, but if he or she does, you must place it in your profile.

God of Death: Neutral. (Death does not equal evil.)
Goddess of Life: Neutral. (Life does not equal good.)
Goddess of Evil: Evil.
God of Balance: Neutral.
God of Purity: Good.

[ Places ] :
As of yet, there is only one town. We depend on our players to help expand Turais. You are free to create a new town or a new place, if you wish, but you must consult us first.

Towns :
Triss : Triss is a small town, but it fits the needs of its villagers adequately. It also has shops which sell weapons and armor, making it an ideal stop for travellers. The tavern/inn and most of the shops are located on Triss' main road, while the its houses surround it. In the afternoon, produce carts litter the streets.

[ Guilds ] :
This is another area in which we depend on our players. If you wish to start a guild, contact us or leave an OoC message in the community.