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Special Updates on the ever growing Red Dragon Inn!

Updates have recently been made to the Inn's page. Patrons have added their character pictures on the page expecially made for them; Patron's Pictures.

Our in-depth Character Creation Page has been organized and split into more readable pages, with new characters and larger descriptions.

On the Red Dragon Inn's message board, there has also been many new and exciting roleplays and suggestions.

The first mass roleplay has taken place! To see the exciting story line, you can visit Brandon's Wager. To see the scheduling for the next mass roleplays, you can go to Scheduling a time.

There are also a few new ideas for the next Mass Roleplay! You can see them here: Feast Day!, Roaming evangelicals, and Army Takes Control.

Come to join, or enter in your own ideas! All are welcome.

The Notice Board.

Looking to find someone with a particularly large bounty on their head? Looking for an easy way to gain a few extra coins? You can look on the local Bounty Board, to find, or even list, those who have the highest going rate.

Beware the forest! A strange creature attacked my band of travelers, it first appeared in the guise of a bear, then changed before my very eyes to a wolf, chasing down those who had fled!It killed my companions and my little boy, and I escaped only by pure luck...Beware! To read more about this dangerous animal, you can visit here: Danger in the forest!

A mysterious new figure has appeared, one that the people of Senesse only whisper about. It seems to be a place of death, or wished death, of any who visit. If you want someone to be killed, yet have not the courage, you go there. Yet, if you wish to die, yet die a noble death, you go here also. If you dare, visit... The Headsman's House.

Wish to have your name forever spoken in song? Wish to hear a song made expecially for you sung to the peoples ears? Visit Immortalized in song, to see the bard's grand offer of music.


Many patrons have been busy with creating their stories!

In Nature's Revenge, the dreaded creature warned about has made it's gruesome attack. Yet a curious scientist wishes to draw it's death...but for what reason?

In Kiteaa; The Showing, a deadly vampire tries to draw a woman into her bloody world, by showing both the gruesome, and the beautiful side of vampirism.

Possessed, a gruesome tale, Salvonous, Veon Wyvernsong Versus Xian The Bard, Tristan, Phenious LeMont (Updated), and The Hidden Bloodlust are also mind drawing stories taking place.

Character Listings.

Orcheim, Orlechau, Vicqarra, Riven, and Yoshimo Hazuki have been added.

Roleplay Plot

For some interesting roleplay plots, you can see Missionaries Needed!, Vicqarra's Catch, and Clan of the Angel's Shadows.

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