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Some exciting new ideas and roleplays have come up on the Red Dragon Inn's message board!

"Phenious Le'Mont, Present Time" is a magnificent story about a long-bound vampire. The author posts a new post each day, giving the reader a little more excitement, a little more curiosity...slowly drawing you in to yearn for the next post. Truely creative, (as you will see as it progresses), this roleplay is sure to draw you in. I myself have seen a sneak preveiw in a sorts of upcoming posts, and can definitly say it will be heartpounding.

To take a look, you can see it here: Phenious Le'Mont.

"Vampirism--The way it should be, Part I" is also a current roleplay. A young woman, trapped in a mansion, is under the dangerous hold of a bloodthirsty, demented vampire. Kiteaa, (the hostage) is determined to find a way out, but Sacrament would never let the woman go...

To see this roleplay, you can go here: Vampirism.

Two new roleplay plots have come out!

The first is called "Brandon's wager," in which the main character of the plot has made a deathly deal. Whoever signs the mysterious peice of paper upon the Inn's walls join in on this dangerous game. Within this paper is scrawled the directions, yet perhaps the most important peices lies in its middle:

"If you can stay alive for 1 month, I will award you with the sum of 10, 000 gold coins, all 1000 years of age. However, there will be a catch: if someone kills you, -they- will get the 10,000 gold coins. I have posted this same peice of paper in every major Inn in the known world, and your name and picture will apear on all those papers if you so dare to sign."

Do you dare to play? Take a look here: Brandon's Wager.

The second is "Thane's Plot". Here, an unknown wave of murders washes over Senesse. None know who may be doing it, though many suspect vampirism is at the fault. Yet, once so many murders are commited, the leader is found--and yes, he is a vampire. But along with him are a near army of others like him...along with some newly turned, beloved citizens of Senesse.

Wish to join, or read more? You can go here: Thane's Plot

Underneath the Suggestions section of our messageboard, a few new ideas have been added, spurning patron's comments and asking for their thoughts, and votes.

The most current are:

Mass Roleplay, the first organized system of Mass roleplaying. Sneak in to give your own ideas to this system, or have the first storyline be created by you! All suggestions are open.

Creating a map of Senesse. Should a map be created of the long-lived town of Senesse? Or should we leave it up to the roleplayer's mind? Sneak in here to give your ideas.

Poems link on the webpage. Do you think the page would benefit from having a poems link, where patrons can go to submit and read many different types of poems?

Adding bits to others roleplay; do you think an Operator should, every now and then, add something to spice up a roleplayers storyline? Read everyones opinion and comment your own!
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